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Monitoring Plugins

This page provides the list of software used by the Monitoring plugins in Opsview Monitor.

Third Party Software distributed in opsview-monitoring-scripts-base Copied

Software Version Site Information
check_dnsbl N/A N/A Written by Ben Ostrowsky
check_netapp N/A N/A Copyright (C) 2000 Leland E. Vandervort
No license specified
check_tftp N/A N/A Author: Mathias Kettner
notify_by_googletalk N/A N/A Copyright 2007 Andrew Elwell
GPLv2: 1.0 Copyright (c) 2011, PagerDuty, Inc
Custom License
check_radius_ih 1.1 Created by,
Monitoring Plugins 2.2 Copyright Monitoring Plugins Development Team and others,
NRPE 2.14 Copyright (c) 1999-2008 Ethan Galstad (,

Third Party Software distributed with Opspacks Copied

See Source Packages for more information on how to download and review modified source.

Third Party Software distributed with Beta Opspacks Copied

Software Version Site Information
check_influxdb N/A Source: Author: Alex Burzynski
["Opsview On-premises"] ["User Guide"]

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