["Capacity Planner", "Geneos", "OP5 Monitor"]["Release Notes"]

What's New

ITRS Geneos

Highlights of the recent Geneos releases:

  • Monitoring Coverage page.
  • Capacity Planner integration.
  • Web Console dashboards for visualisations of metrics.
  • Geneos for monitoring dynamic environments.
  • MiniGeneos allows you to deploy the full stack of Geneos components in a container.
  • Centralised Configuration feature allows you to centrally managed Geneos configurations, removing the need to create and manage externally hosted configuration files.
  • A new plug-in that enables you to publish data from an FKM outbound stream to an index on the Elasticsearch host.
  • New Web Console monitoring UI.
  • Grafana data source.

ITRS Capacity Planner

Highlights of the recent Capacity Planner releases:

  • Cloud cost optimisation.
  • Automatic recommendations based on baseline analysis.
  • Cloud migration recommendations.
  • Right-sizing operations.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

Highlights of the recent OP5 Monitor releases:

  • Hybrid IT environments, including Slim Poller, as well as new and updated plugins for AWS, Kubernetes, and VMware.
  • Improved security through ModSecurity and encrypted Merlin.
  • Integration with Log Analytics.
  • Enhanced Autodiscovery features.