What's New

ITRS Geneos

Highlights of the Geneos release:

  • Centralised Configuration feature allows you to centrally managed Geneos configurations, removing the need to create and manage externally hosted configuration files.
  • A new plug-in that enables you to publish data from an FKM outbound stream to an index on the Elasticsearch host.
  • New Web Console monitoring UI.
  • New Active Console UI.

ITRS Capacity Planner

Highlights of the v102 release:

  • Reporting configuration parameters have been extended to allow further Top-N style filtering.
  • Processing baseline models greater than 7 days in length.
  • Aggregating timeseries by hosts or workloads in Metrics Explorer.
  • A new Data Coverage report is now available.
  • Reducing demand when using Application Demand Model templates.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

Highlights of the 8.0.9 release:

  • Provides additional support for monitoring of hybrid IT environment using the new plug-in for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) through their native cloud monitoring Cloudwatch.
  • Naemon and Livestatus are now updated to version 1.1.0 to stay in sync with upstream.
  • Documentation links in the OP5 Monitor application now redirects correctly in the ITRSOP5 Monitor Documentation.