What's New

ITRS Geneos

Highlights of the GA4.11 release:

  • Centralised GatewaysGateway can now store its setup in the Gateway Hub. This provides a central area where multiple Gateway setups can be shared and managed.
  • Context-sensitive help — improved the Context-sentive help (CSH) in Gateway Setup Editor (GSE).
  • Improved responsive design for viewing documentation on mobile.
  • Multiple managed entities are now supported on Self-Announcing Netprobes.
  • Netprobe is now available as an RPM package.
  • Object Inspector dockable — the Object Inspector dockable that supports the style, properties, and datasets of objects is now available in the Active Dashboard.
  • REST Extractor plug-in — the REST Extractor plug-in is a new plug-in for reading data from REST APIs.
  • Set command line arguments from a file.
  • Single sign-on works for Gateway Setup Editor (GSE).
  • New integrations:
    • Kubernetes monitoring — the Kubernetes Monitoring integration uses the Kubernetes API to monitor the Kubernetes nodes, services, routes, and other components. 
    • OpenShift monitoring — the OpenShift Monitoring integration uses the OpenShift API to monitor the OpenShift projects, pods, services, routes, and other components.
    • RabbitMQ monitoring — the RabbitMQ integration enables you to retrieve all metrics available in your RabbitMQ environment and display them as dataviews in Geneos.

ITRS Capacity Planner

Highlights of the v100 release:

  • Cluster headroom — drive time series information can now be viewed from the headroom dialog window.
  • Residuals — the residuals can now be visualized using reports.
  • Reports — improvements were introduced in the following advanced reports:
    • Metric analysis — multi-chart
    • Metric analysis — single-chart

ITRS OP5 Monitor