What's New

ITRS Geneos

Highlights of the GA4.12 release:

  • Orchestrated Netprobe solution is now available.
  • Active Console 2 is now available on macOS and Ubuntu platforms.
  • Improved Centralised Configuration of Gateways.
  • Improved publishing to Gateway Hub.
  • New Filter in FIX Analyser's Message Detector View to filter on Order State.
  • New REST API plug-in is now available for general access.
  • Java plug-in user experience improvements.
  • New Netprobe configuration options for REST API connections.
  • New Netprobe installer option for SSL certificate key.

ITRS Capacity Planner

Highlights of the v101 release:

  • The Groupings Manager allows you to create, delete and modify any grouping values directly from the sunburst avoiding the need to provide a CSV file.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

Highlights of the 8.0.7 release:

  • Introduced more support for monitoring of hybrid IT environments:
    • New plug-in for monitoring of Kubernetes clusters, such as deployments (replicas), nodes, and pods.
  • Instructions on how to implement sudo to run mon commands such as start, stop, restart, and node status without root user privileges is now available. For more information, click here.