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Active Console



  descriptionIntroduction to Active Console
  descriptionIcons and Format Strings

Get started

  descriptionQuickstart Guide
  descriptionSystem Requirements
  descriptionDownload and Setup


  descriptionWorkspace Settings
  descriptionWorkspace Selection
  settings_applicationsStart Up Settings
  descriptionConnect to SSO Agent
  descriptionEnable CyberArk in Active Console

Dockables and tools

  descriptionCustomise a Dockable
  descriptionDockable Manager
  descriptionGateways Dockable
  descriptionState Tree Dockable
  descriptionMetrics Dockable
  descriptionEvent Tickers Dockable
  descriptionCommands Dockable
  descriptionOutput Dockable
  descriptionSearch Function and Search Dockable
  descriptionReporting Tool
  descriptionList View
  descriptionPath Editor
  descriptionEvaluate Paths and Scoring
  descriptionRefactor Tool
  settings_applicationsRemote Gateway Files

Active Dashboard

  descriptionIntroduction to Active Dashboard
  descriptionActive Dashboard Palette
  descriptionDashboard Charts and Widgets
  descriptionObject Inspector
  descriptionUser-defined Dashboard Tool
  descriptionExample Dashboards

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