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Reporting Tool


The Reporting Tool allows you to schedule queries that can take snapshots of the system state, and output these snapshots as a saved file locally or as the contents of the search view.

You can open the Reporting Tool in two ways:

  • Press CTRL + R.
  • Go to Active Console > Tools > Reporting.

Create a report

To create a report:

  1. Click Add in the Reporting dialog.
  2. Double-click the Name to provide a name for the report.
  3. Double-click the Description to configure the search criteria.
  4. Double-click the Destination to identify the results destination.
  5. Double-click the Schedule to set the reports schedule. Alternatively, you can right-click each row and select Edit Selected Report.
  6. Set the Status to Active or Inactive.
  7. Click OK to save the changes.

Note: If the query is set to Inactive, the system does not trigger the report component. Also, any scheduled report that has file destination can only execute when the Active Console is running.

Run a report

If you want to run the report without following the schedule:

  1. Right-click the report you created in the Reporting dialog.
  2. Click Run Selected Report.

The report displays in the Search Results dockable:

Configure output of the query

The output of a query can be either set within the Active Console > Report Settings > Results Destination, or to your local file.

The Active Console Destination has the following options:

Field Description
Show results in

Specify where to display the results:

  • Search View
  • New Search View Tab
  • Other
Merge with existing results Combine the new results into the existing results.

Identifies the dockable to display the results. This only becomes editable when you select "Other" on the Show results in menu.

Options include:

  • New Dockable
  • Search Results
  • Geneos Architecture Health
  • Items of interest
  • Managed entities
Tab Specify which tab to display the results. The options vary depending on the type of dockable that you use.

The File Destination specifies the location of the results destination of a file.

Configure the report schedule

The Report Schedule only appears in the settings of Reporting Tool.

You can configure the conditions and timing for the query using a number of possible options:

  • Interval — sets a period to hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Days — sets a single day or multiple days in a week. To select multiple days, press and hold CTRL while selecting the day.
  • Time — sets the time when to exactly trigger the query.

Further reading

The Report Settings include the Search Criteria and Results Destination which have similar functionalities in Search Function and Search Dockable.