Desktop PC Monitoring

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GENEOS Desktop PC Monitoring Plug-in uses WMI to monitor a few key pieces of information about a windows pc, including the logged in user, the manufacturer, and the model.

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The Desktop PC Monitoring Plug-in produces a single view as follows:

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Table Legend

Name Description
Name The Name of the property.
Value The Value of the property.

Properties Legend

Name Description
Available Physical Memory The amount of free physical memory in the computer.
Available Virtual Memory The amount of free virtual memory.
BIOS Version/Date The version and release date of the BIOS.
Boot Device The boot device.
Locale The location information for the computer.
OS Manufacturer The manufacturer of the operating system.
OS Name The name of the operating system.
Other OS Description Any other available description of the operating system. E.g. R2 in Windows Server 2003 R2
Page File The location of the page file on disk.
Page File Space The total amount that can be stored in the page file.
Details the model and speed of the CPU as well as the number of cores and the number of logical processors.
Number of cores and logical processors are not available on some versions of Windows.
SMBIOS Version The version number of the SMBIOS.
System Directory The system directory.
System Manufacturer The manufacturer of the system.
System Model The model name of the system.
System Name The name of the computer.
System Type A description of the computer.
Time Zone The time zone information for the computer.
Total Physical Memory The total amount of physical memory in the computer.
Total Virtual Memory The total amount of virtual memory.
User Name The logged in user.
Version The version and build number of the operating system.
Windows Directory The windows directory.
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