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You can manage the Gateway Hub cluster using the hubctl tool included with the downloaded binaries. By default, you can find hubctl in the hub directory of your installation machine.

The hubctl tool reads configuration information from a YAML file that you must create when installing Gateway Hub.

You can use hubctl and your configuration file to reconfigure, upgrade, or uninstall Gateway Hub.

For more information about configuration files, see Installation configuration file in Install.

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The hubctl tool is the primary way you should reconfigure and manage the Gateway Hub platform components.

To perform many operations with hubctl, you will need a YAML configuration file.

To use hubctl, run commands in the following format:

hubctl <command> <options> <config_file>

The following commands are available:


To manage Gateway Hub using hubctl, all nodes must be reachable from your machine. Making changes to configuration files directly may break Gateway Hub functionality.

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If the Gateway Hub orchestration service has been registered with systemd, you will need to mask the orchestration service when reconfiguring Gateway Hub.

For more information about registration with systemd, see Registration with systemd in Install.

To perform reconfiguration commands:

  1. Mask and stop the orchestration service by running the following on each node:

    sudo systemctl mask hub-orchestration
    sudo systemctl stop hub-orchestration
  2. Start Gateway Hub and perform the reconfiguration using hubctl, then stop Gateway Hub. You are only required to run this on one node, the changes will affect the whole cluster.

    hubctl start <config_file>
    hubctl setup reconfigure <config_file>
    hubctl stop <config_file>
  3. Unmask and restart the orchestration service by running the following on each node:

    sudo systemctl unmask hub-orchestration
    sudo systemctl start hub-orchestration
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