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Features of OP5 Monitor


OP5 Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring and alerting tool for safeguarding the health of IT networks and infrastructures. It enables early problem detection and notification when your infrastructure is not working as expected. It is designed to be used mainly by Operations and DevOps staff, and also includes visual displays which can be shared with non-technical staff.

The OP5 Monitor application has the following features:

  • Open — built on top of Naemon, an open-source application with an active development community; it also comes with its own API.
  • Flexible — designed to be customised based on your business needs, as well as offering the possibility to extend core functionality by adding plugins and other add-ons for data analysis and visualisation.
  • Scalable — easy to scale up to monitor large and complex infrastructures.
  • User-friendly — designed with usability in mind, with a user interface offering a single unified view of the different services monitored, including many functions for monitoring, reporting, and configuring OP5 Monitor.


Autodiscovery is a component of OP5 Monitor that you can use to scan your network to discover objects for monitoring, avoiding the need for adding the objects manually one by one.

For more information, see Add hosts with Autodiscovery in Manage hosts and services.

Graphical monitoring visualisation

OP5 Monitor includes the following graphical components for visualising monitoring data:

OP5 Monitor user interface

OP5 Monitor comes with a graphical user interface for access to the following functionality:

  • One or more dashboards where users can view monitoring data; dashboards can be shared read-only, for big screen displays, for example.
  • A Monitor menu, for viewing monitoring data.
  • A Report menu, for generating reports on the monitoring data.
  • A Manage menu, for configuring and customising OP5 Monitor.

For more information, see User interface.