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View graphs


The OP5 Monitor graph page assembles all the graph information in one place. You are redirected to this page if you click the performance graph in a host or service view, with the relevant graphs displaying. You can also open the page from Report > Graphs.

You can use the graph page to:

  • View graphs as a PDF.
  • View collections.
  • View PNP internal statistics.
  • View combined graphs.

For more information about combined graphs and collections, see Manage graphs.

Graph view

The graph view includes a list of all graphs available for the current host or service. Each graph includes the following functions:

Icon Description

Most recent alerts report for this time range. For more information, see Summary report.

Availability report for this time range. For more information, see Availability report.
Add this item to my basket.

Zoom. Opens the graph in a new window, where you can click arrows to move the time period left and right. You can also zoom on a graph by clicking and dragging to select a time period.

Make this my default graph.

You can also perform the following:

  • Search for graphs by entering object search strings in the Search field.
  • Show and clear your basket. For more information, see Graph basket.
  • View a status summary in the Status section, with links to more detailed information.
  • Change the time range for the graphs in the Time ranges section.
  • View graphs for related services in the Services section. Any services with graphing data are shown in grey.
  • Perform the following actions in the Actions section:
    • View the page as a PDF.
    • View any related collections.
    • View the PNP internal statistics.
    • View any related combined graphs.
    • View the Nagios PNP documentation.

Graph basket

You can add graphs from multiple sources to a basket, so you can display them together on the same page. You can use this to compare graphs from one or more hosts.

You add graphs to your basket by clicking the icon above the graph. You can then view the contents of your basket whenever you open the graph page, by clicking Show basket.

When you no longer need the basket, click Clear basket to remove the graphs.