Netprobe internal commands


Commands are the primary method of interaction between the Gateway and connected users. Commands are invoked by users through a controlling process (such as ActiveConsole) which prompts Gateway to perform a given operation. For more information on Commands in general, see the chapter in the Gateway 2 Reference Guide entitled “Commands”. Internal commands are commands which are provided and which affect the internal operations of the system. Internal Commands fall into two types, System Commands (Commands which allow control of the System) and Legacy Commands (Commands which are provided for use with legacy Netprobes which do not export their own Commands).

There are a couple of internal commands available which directly relate to Netprobes.


Name /PROBE:disableSelfAnnouncing
Type (System or Legacy) System
Brief Description Disables Self-Announcing mode and updates the Netprobe commands.
More Information See Netprobe commands in Gateway Commands.


Name /PROBE:viewLog
Type (System or Legacy) Legacy
Brief Description View the Netprobe log file
More Information See Netprobe commands in Gateway Commands.
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