Net Ping


GENEOS UNIVERSAL Net Ping Plug-in monitors network response times by sending ping (ICMP echo request) messages on a regular basis and waiting for the echo reply.

This Plug-in was originally designed to verify that GL secondary servers were kept in sync with their primaries, and is therefore limited to only two host addresses.


The UNIVERSAL Net Ping Plug-in produces a single view.


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Name Description
Host The name or IP address of the hosts to monitor.
State The state of the host - "Up", "Unknown", "Unreachable" or "Timed Out".
RoundtripTime The elapsed time (in ms) between sending the ping message and receiving a reply.

Plug-in Configuration

This plug-in monitors the turnaround time on a “ping” request to another TCP/IP enabled device.


Only the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or resolvable computer’s host name can be passed as name variable to Net ping plug-in. This plug-in does not allow IP address to be used in names.


List of Host, (IP address or name)

Maximum of 2 hosts, minimum of 1 host.

Mandatory: Yes


The command to execute ‘ping’ if not in the probe’s path.

Mandatory: No

Default: [Value]


Elapsed time after which a host will be considered “Timed Out”.

Unit: Seconds

Mandatory: No

Default: 10 seconds

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