Message Tracker REGEX Adapter

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This document accompanies the Message Tracker Plug-in documentation with configuration details for the internal REGEX adaptor. This document is should only be used by people who are familiar with the contents of the Message Tracker Plug-in documentation.

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This adapter allows the Message Tracker plug-in to obtain data from various log files. The adapter takes a set of named regular expressions and applies each one to the message read from the log file. These are then presented to the normalization section as a set of tag values, where the name of the regular expression is the tag name and the value extracted from the message by the regular expression is the tag value. The Adapter also provides a set of meta tags listed below;

Plug-in Configuration Copied

The following sampling parameters can be set up in the Sampler Descriptor for the Message Tracker FIX Adapters. All other parameters needed to configure the Message Tracker Plugin can be found in the Message Tracker Plug-in documentation, this includes the generic settings that are shared across all Adapters.

tags > tag Copied

This defines the tags to be passed to the normalisation section of the adapter. There came be multiple tags defined for a single log file. The name of each tag should be unique within the adapter.

Mandatory: No

tags > tag > name Copied

This is the name of the tag that will be presented to the normalisation section of the adapter if the regular expression defined in tags > tag > regex returns data.

Mandatory: Yes

tags > tag > regex Copied

This is the regular expression that is applied to the message to extract the tag value. The first group in the regular expression is the value that is returned.

For example; the if the regular expression ID=([^,]*) is applied to the message

Day=12/03/2006, Time=12:22:87.234, ID=34565, Type=New Order, Client=ITRS

The regular expression will match ID=34565 and the first group will comprise of 34565 and be returned as the value of the tag.

Mandatory: Yes

Verify regex tags Copied

To verify the configured regex tags, enable the adapter debug setting regexFormatType in GSE:

  1. Open the Message Tracker sampler.
  2. Under Debug, click Add new in the Adapter debug field.
  3. In the Setting drop-down menu, tick the check box for regexFormatType.

When enabled, the Netprobe log displays the raw incoming message text and the tag values which were extracted from this message. More specific debug can be enabled by providing an adapter name, which will then only output parsing details for the given adapter.

For more information, see the following documentation:

["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Netprobe"] ["Technical Reference"]

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