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You can deploy Geneos to monitor an orchestrated environment using the following methods:

Before installation, make sure that all the requirements listed below are met, and that you can Access the Docker registry.

If you are upgrading a deployment that uses Collection Agent version 1.0.0 you will need to take additional steps. For more information, see Troubleshooting in an orchestrated environment.

Note: We recommend that you run both the Netprobe and the Collection Agent in the same pod. This allows communication between the two processes to occur in the same local machine address, eliminating the need to externally expose the TCP reporter port. 

System requirements

The following requirements must be met on the machine where the Netprobe and Collection Agent are installed:

  • Linux operating system (CentOS, RHEL or SUSE)
  • Java 1.8 or higher.
  • A minimum Java heap size of 512MB is recommended for Collection Agent.

    If the agent is performing garbage collection too frequently as the volume increases, a larger heap size should be allocated.

Geneos requirements

  • Geneos Netprobe version 5.1.0 or higher.
  • Ensure that your Gateway and Netprobe are running.

Network requirements

Specific inbound and outbound network ports must be accessible depending on which plug-ins and reporters are configured.

Collection Agent Plug-ins

  • StatsD plug-in — inbound UDP or TCP from all StatsD clients, 8125 by default.
  • Kubernetes plug-in — outbound TCP to Kubernetes API, 443 by default.


  • Kafka — outbound TCP to Kafka brokers, 9092 by default.
  • TcpReporter and TcpReceiver — communication between the Collection Agentand Netprobe, operates on port 7137 by default.

Access the Docker registry

You can use our Docker registry to pull the images instead of creating a new one.

To access the ITRSDocker registry, run this command:

docker login

This prompts you to provide login details, these are the same as the credentials you have been provided to access the ITRS website.