PATS Users Plug-in - Technical Reference


The Geneos PATS Users plug-in allows Geneos users to monitor information about user connections and connection attempts to the PATS system. The plug-in collects this information by reading the log files put out by the PATS user server, TAS.


The plug-in produces the following view:


Plug-in Configuration

Sample configuration:

tasLogFilePath: **/pats/tas/logs/tas.log**
clearDataBetweenLogFiles: **true**

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


The full path (including the filename) of the TAS log file

Mandatory: Yes


The plugin will by default clear its internal user state information when it detects that the TAS log file is being re-written. Setting this to false will cause the plugin to retain user state information even when the TAS log file is being re-written.

Mandatory: No
Default: True