The end of life (EOL) date for this module is on 31 January, 2020.



The configuration file is config/application.conf. The root settings key is geneos.diagnostics. All settings below are prepended with this.

Main settings

openaccessURLThe URL of the open access node
nameStringThe name of the data/report
timeoutDurationThe timeout for configuring and connecting to a gateway If the timeout is exceeded, the gateway connection will be considered a failure
rootPathThe output directory for interrogation data and reporting
interrogateBooleanIf true, the interrogators examine the system and record data
reportBooleanIf true, the data will be read and a report will be generated
report.sourcesString ListList of data sources for an aggregated report
gatewaysFilesFile ListList of gateways files - the lists will be merged
gatewaysGatewaysThe gateways to which to connect, with host, port and optional username and password
zipBooleanIf true, the output directory will be zipped

System Interrogator

Local system level information information

interrogators.system.configBooleanIf true, record the configuration
interrogators.system.syspropsBooleanIf true, record the java system properties
interrogators.system.environmentBooleanIf true, record the local environment variables

Directory Interrogator

Gets directory level information

KeyTypeDescription true, the directory interrogator will be run Enum(PROBE, ENTITY, SAMPLER, DATAVIEW)The types of data for which to query true, the properties of each data item will be stored. If false, only the counts will be stored.

DataView Interrogator

Queries every data view to gather size and update rate information

interrogators.dataview.enabledBooleanIf true, the dataview interrogator will be run
interrogators.dataview.timeoutDurationThe timeout for each dataview query. If the timeout occurs the dataview is considered a failure.
interrogators.dataview.threadsIntegerThe number of concurrent dataview queries
interrogators.dataview.sample.time **DurationThe maximum time to sample a dataview
interrogators.dataview.sample.factor **DoubleUsed to determine the sample time based on the sample interval of the dataview: SampleInterval x Factor = SampleTime

Note: ** Sampling will record the number of Open Access updates that occur for a sample period. On a large estate this will take a long time! You can disable this by omitting the interrogators.statistics.sample section.


There are two ways of specifying the gateways to which to connect: Inline and Gateway files. To list the gateways inline, use the same format as the node Gateway Connections:

geneos.diagnostics {
    gateways {
        first-gateway {
            host = "my-gateway"            port = 7041
        second-gateway {
            host = "other-gateway"            port = 7042

Alternatively you can seperate large numbers of gateways into files. If you create a file called /data/gateways.conf that contains:

    first-gateway {
        host = "my-gateway"        port = 7041
    second-gateway {
        host = "other-gateway"        port = 7042

Then you can reference the file in the main configuration file like this:

gatewaysFiles = ["/data/gateways.conf"]

Or mulitple files can be specified:

gatewaysFiles = [

The (or oadiagnostics.bat) script can be used to configure settings directly from the command prompt.

The following is equivalent to setting geneos.diagnostics.oa in config/application.conf:

$ ./ -Doa=localhost:2551

Here is a full list of the aliases:

AliasDescriptionSetting (In application.conf)Example
-DnameThe name used for the data/
-DoaHost and port of the Open Access Nodegeneos.diagnostics.oa-Doa=localhost:2551
-DgwsComma seperated list of gateway filesgeneos.diagnostics.gatewaysFiles-Dgws=gws1.conf,gws2.conf
-DreportGenerate a report based on mulitple data sources. When this flag is set, geneos.diagnostics.interrogate is set to ‘false’,data2