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The Baseline View lets you set a reference host or reference workload. By setting a reference you can better understand your demand profile across your IT infrastructure. The reference workload and host are used for headroom calculations. Changing your reference host or workload, rather than using a calculated average, may mean you get a more accurate view of your IT infrastructure.

For example, if you have a very large estate with many clusters, and you looking at an application cluster in detail, the estate-wide average may not be representative of the average in that part of the estate. Changing your headroom reference gives you a more accurate picture of your headroom for growth based on the specified reference workload.

By default an average workload is calculated and used for headroom calculations as reference workload. You can decide which workload is specified as reference.

Calculations for the headroom on a host include values taken from the reference or average workload, the results of which are used in several aspects of the Baseline View

Changing the reference workload may affect the sunburst and the headroom charts and values shown in the details view for a host, due to the effect on the headroom calculations.

For more information about using a reference host, see Benchmarking.

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To see the details of the reference workload, follow these steps:

  1. In the configuration panel list on the left, click VM headroom.
    The VM headroom panel opens with details about the current reference workload. Here, you can select the metrics used to calculate headroom.
  2. Click Locate workload image to locate the current reference workload in the Baseline View.
    The workload is highlighted so that you can distinguish it from others.


    If the reference workload was not specified manually, the icon is not visible. The default average calculation is used instead.

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To set a reference workload you must first create a workload template. To learn how to do this, see Workload template.

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To change the reference workload, follow these steps:

  1. In the configuration panel list on the right, click Templates.
    The Templates panel opens with the list of available workload and host templates
  2. Click the Workload tab.
    A list of available templates opens. The workload currently set as reference is marked with a bookmark icon image .
  3. Click options for the workload you would like to use as a new reference and select the Set as headroom reference option from the list.

The workload is now the new reference workload.


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