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ITRS OP5 Monitor 9.x Release Notes


ITRS OP5 Monitor release notes contain the list of enhancements of features, and a set of issues fixed in the 9.x release version of OP5 Monitor.

For more information on versioning, including standard and rolling release, see Release tracks in OP5 Monitor 9.x Compatibility Matrix.

Upcoming OP5 Monitor release

OP5 Monitor follows a bi-monthly release cycle.

Known issues

To view the list of known issues for all OP5 Monitor 9.x releases, see OP5 Monitor 9.x Known Issues. The known issues that are resolved will be added on this page.

Compatibility and lifecycle

To view all the changes to OP5 Monitor compatibility and lifecycle, see OP5 Monitor 9.x Compatibility Matrix.

OP5 Monitor 9.0

Released: 5 April 2022

To download ITRS OP5 Monitor, including all components, see ITRS Downloads.


These are the highlights of this release:

  • Support for EL8 to provide a modern operating system as a base, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, CentOS 8 Stream, and Rocky Linux 8.x distributions. To view the upgrade notes for OP5 Monitor 9, see Upgrade to OP5 Monitor 9.

  • Security improvements through upgrades to PHP 7.4 and MariaDB 10.5 as well as dependency removal of RabbitMQ.

  • Updated plugins to provide a more relevant set of plugins.

  • Email templates have been updated with a newer and fresher look.

  • The OP5 Monitor UI has been refreshed with new logos and colours.

  • You can now set the root password of MySQL without impacting OP5 Monitor functionality.

  • Session IDs are now regenerated on login.

  • Cronjobs have been replaced with systemd timers.

  • PNP4Nagios and NagVis have been updated to the latest versions.

  • Logger has been removed from the OP5 Monitor since its functionality is obsolete.

New features and enhancements

These are the new features and enhancements of this release:

Issue key Component Release description
MON-10355 Plugins Updated monitoring-plugins suite to version 2.3.1.
MON-11847 Nacoma The maximum size of configuration fields in the Nacoma database has been increased.
MON-12319 Nachos The character set used in the Nacoma database has been updated to UTF-8. This change does not have any functional impact on the product.
MON-12535 Mayi The Test this host and Test this service group rights have been removed from the limited_edit role.
MON-12574 Nachos Enabled change of root password for MySQL.
MON-12621 Notify Email templates have been updated with a newer and fresher look.
MON-12622 Portal OP5 Monitor Portal has been removed.
MON-12697 Plugins The default behavior of the check_aws shipped check_command has been changed to not include the unit argument.
MON-12700 Ninja Removed cookie usage banner from OP5 Monitor.
MON-12877 Ninja, Nacoma, Merlin Cron jobs have been replaced with systemd timers.
MON-12889 Nacoma, Ninja, Reports Multiple OP5 Monitor components have been updated to use the upgraded version of jQuery 3.6.x and jQuery-UI 1.13.x.
MON-12908 Nacoma The Help link in the configuration UI now points to the ITRS OP5 Monitor documentation instead of an internal help page.
MON-12935 Ninja Removed option to change themes in the UI.
MON-12946 Plugins Updated the check_wmi_plus plugin to work with Windows DCOM hardening.
MON-12965 Generic PHP version has been upgraded from 7.2 to 7.4.
MON-12999 Plugins

All default NRPE checks, except for specific to Windows, now use check_nrpe4.

MON-13024 NagVis NagVis has been updated to 1.9.30 to address the security vulnerability: CVE-2021-33178.
MON-13035 Autodiscovery Removed RabbitMQ dependency and switched worker model for Magellan Autodiscovery service.
MON-13045 Plugins The check_mssql plugin has been removed, and the recommended check_mssql_health plugin has been updated to
MON-13061 Ninja Updated the About menu to include the OP5 Monitor version, and removed the Naemon version.
MON-13062 API Removed the deprecated Status API endpoints (/api/status and /api/help/status). Use the Filter API instead.


Updated the check_wmi_plus plugin to 1.66.
MON-13077 Ninja Successful login attempts are now logged on level notice.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
MON-13020 Ninja, pnp Clicking the Make default graph button on a PNP graphs page now works correctly. The default graph is displayed when hovering over the graph image in the list views.
MON-13039 Nacoma, Ninja Forced a complete reimport of the configuration files when restoring a backup to ensure the configuration database is in sync.
MON-13101 Plugins Added the missing -a option in the check_oracle_query and check_oracle_query_regex check commands.

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