Monitoring Scripts

Opsview Monitoring Scripts provide the monitoring capabilities to Opsview Monitor software. It includes the checks from Monitoring Plugins, Opsview own monitoring plugins, notification scripts and some default event handlers.

Opsview Monitoring Scripts package is a required package for Opsview Collector and it will be installed on the same server. There are no start/stop scripts included.


Some plugins may require additional SDK libraries to be manually installed.


This is deployed on the Master server when installing Opsview Monitor.


There are no configuration option for the monitoring scripts. If the plugins require any configuration they will be deployed at install time in the /opt/opsview/monitoringscripts/etc


Will be used by opsview-collector. There are no start/stop scripts for this package. This package is not monitored by opsview-watchdog. Any plugins running and management state will be stored in /opt/opsview/monitoringscripts/var.

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