Load Balancer

Opsview LoadBalancer provided by HAProxy allows to distribute the load for high-load Opsview Components across a number of instances, some of which may be on different servers. It simplifies configuration changes and terminates SSL connections.


The Opsview loadbalancer install the Opsview Watchdog package.


Refer to Advanced Automated Installation.


No post or pre-install configuration is required for running opsview-loadbalancer.




Watchdog service files are now managed by the package, doing a remove would leave the watchdog service file behind with a .save extension. Purging the package will remove it. The package managed config files are as follows:


Watchdog service files are now managed by the package. Any modifications will be saved at upgrade and remove processes with the .rpmnew and .rpmsave extensions correspondingly.

Service Administration

As root, start, stop and restart the service using:

/opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit <start|stop|restart> opsview-loadbalancer 
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