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In Configuration > My System go to the Options tab:

My System Options tab

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This is the Opsview System version number, including the build number. Use this when contacting Customer Success.

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This button provides a simple way of gathering a common set of information about your Opsview system. You can provide this to Customer Success to get a head start in diagnosing any issues.

Audit Log Retention Copied

This controls how far back the audit log will go back in entries. The nightly housekeeping will remove all entries older than this number of days.

Set Downtime on Host Delete Copied

This is an advanced option which is useful when deleting hosts. Because there is a delay between removing a host from Opsview setup and performing an Apply Changes from the Configuration menu (which will actually remove the host from being actively checked), there is a window when you may still get notifications about the host. With the option enabled, a downtime of several days will be applied to the host, thus suppressing any notifications.

Enable Change Log Copied

With this option enabled, whenever a configuration change is made to Opsview, you will need to enter some text to justify the reason for the change. This window will appear:

Change log

Furthermore, the Audit Log page will display an extra column with the contents of the Change Logs for each change entry.

NetAudit Notification Email Copied

This field is only displayed if NetAudit is enabled. This email address is used for sending a message should any setting for a monitored device change.

Notifications Copied

This will stop all notifications system-wide. Make sure you re-enable this if you want notifications to resume. The Reapply button will reset the value of the toggle button to all hosts that may have been changed individually.

Wiki Integration Copied

In the second half the Options tab you can choose to integrate Opsview Monitor with an existing wiki markup, such as Dokuwiki, Confluence, etc. This allows you to use a pre-define markup style to format Notes that you can insert while monitoring your host groups, hosts or services.

The below Host Info URL example is$HOSTNAME$

Host Info URL

You can then access this from our Hosts/Services when going to the ‘Investigate’ modal then click on the Notes tab (or use the contextual Notes menu option for a Host Group). When this link is clicked in the menu for a given Host, it will load the URL up, filtered on the hostname.

Investigate mode

["Opsview On-premises"] ["User Guide"]

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