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Create custom configuration files


When you create new configuration objects in OP5 Monitor, you can change the default configuration file setting to use a custom configuration file. The procedures below are for advanced OP5 Monitor users with command line experience.

Caution: We recommend always using the default OP5 Monitor configuration files when possible.

Create a custom configuration file

  1. Log on to the OP5 Monitor server as root, using SSH.
  2. Create the following new /opt/monitor/op5/nacoma/custom_config.php.
  3. Add the following code to the file:
    $notouch_file_prefix = "_";
  4. Create a configuration file with _ prefixed to the file name, such as in the following example:
    # touch /opt/monitor/etc/_custom_objects.cfg
  5. Add the configuration file to the list in /opt/monitor/etc/nagios.cfg, below the other cfg_file variables:
  6. Restart OP5 Monitor.
    # mon restart

You can add OP5 Monitor configuration objects to the new configuration file. They are not displayed in the configuration pages, but you can still see the objects using Manage > View active config. For more details, see View active configuration in Introduction to configuration.