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Histogram report


Histogram reports show a graphical view of trends on an object.

You create histogram reports using menu entry Report > Histogram > Create Histogram Report.

Create a histogram report

To create a histogram report:

  1. Select the monitoring object from the Report type drop-down list.
  2. Choose the objects to show in the report.
  3. Select the report settings, as described in the table below.
    Reporting periodThe period of the report. If you select Custom, enter the start and end year and month.
    Statistics breakdownWhether to show hourly or monthly statistics, or by day of the month or week.
    State typesWhether to show hard state types, soft state types, or both.
    Events to graphStates to include in the report.
    Ignore repeated statesWhether to exclude repetitions.
    Time zoneTime zone to use for the report.
    SkinThe skin to use. This affects the visual elements of the report, and is used in both HTML and PDF reports.
    DescriptionThe description to include in the report header.
  4. Click Show report.

The histogram report

The histogram report displays the object states over time.

You can perform any of the general report functions from the report, such as save, edit, and export the report. For guidance, see Reports in Introduction to reporting.