OP5 Monitor ["OP5 Monitor"]
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Program-wide management


OP5 Monitor includes the following program-wide functions and views, for managing your whole monitoring environment:

  • Manage > Performance information
  • Manage > Process information
  • Manage  > Scheduling queue

Performance information

The Performance information page gives an overview of performance information at program level about service and host checks, including the following:

  • The percentage of services and host checked actively and passively and the time taken for each.
  • Check metrics, such as the average time taken to execute checks, check latency, and the percent state change.
  • Check statistics, including total checks and the check rate per second.

Process information

The Process information page gives an overview of monitoring process information at program level, including the status of the following:

  • Log file rotation.
  • Notifications.
  • Service and host checks.
  • Passive checks.
  • Event handlers.
  • Obsessing.
  • Flap detection.
  • Performance data.

It also includes general information such as the Nagios PID and the program start time and running time.

You can perform the following program-wide operations from the Options menu:

  • Shut down and restart the Naemon process.
  • Disable notifications, event handlers, flap detection, and performance data processing.
  • Host and service operations, such as stop executing checks, stop accepting passive checks, and start obsessing.

Scheduling queue

The Scheduling queue page lists hosts and services with scheduled check start and end times. You can perform the following:

  • Search for hosts and services.
  • Run some actions, such as enable and disable scheduled checks and reschedule checks.