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Manage NagVis


The procedures below explain how to perform the following NagVis configuration tasks:

  • Configure NagVis permissions.
  • Create NagVis rotation pools.

For more information about NagVis, see Create monitoring visualisations with NagVis.

NagVis permissions

You configure global permissions for NagVis using the Group rights function, and access to specific NagVis map types using the NagVis permissions function.

For more details on configuring group rights, see Update user permissions in Manage users, contacts, and permissions.

Update NagVis map permissions

To update NagVis map permissions:

  1. Click Manage > Configure.
  2. In the Permissions section, click NagVis permissions.
  3. Click the View and Edit checkboxes for each map type and group required.
  4. Click Save.

Create a new NagVis rotation pool

To add a new rotation pool, you need to edit the main NagVis configuration file.

The steps below configure a basic rotation pool with two maps:

  1. Choose a few maps that you want to use in your rotation pool.
  2. Log on to your OP5 Monitor server as root, using SSH or the console.
  3. Open file /opt/monitor/op5/nagvis_ls/etc/nagvis.ini.php in a text editor.
  4. Add the lines in the example below to the Rotation pool definitions section:
    ; ----------; Rotation pool definitions; ----------[rotation_demo]
    maps="Map One:map1,Map Two:map2"

The table below describes the options shown above. Maps must be named exactly the same as the corresponding map configuration file, without the .cfg extension .

Option Description
[rotation_NAME] Display name of this rotation pool on the OP5 Monitor NagVis page.
rotationid="NAME" NAME is the ID of this rotation pool. It must be the same as NAME in [rotation_NAME].
maps="Map One:map1,Map Two:map2" Map One and Map Two are the labels that are displayed in the rotation pool list on the OP5 Monitor NagVis page. map1 and map2 are the names of the configuration files for the maps included, from /opt/monitor/op5/nagvis_ls/etc/maps.
interval=15 The rotation time in seconds between the maps.