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Nagios AWS plugin


The nagios_aws plugin makes use of the Boto3 package for interacting with AWS CloudWatch, and the nagiosplugin library to convert the results to Nagios-interpretable format.

For more information on the metrics that can be used with this plugin, see the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux instances.


usage: nagios_aws [-h] -r
                    [-u UNIT] -m METRIC -n NAMESPACE [-d [DIMENSIONS]]
                    [-p PROFILE]
                    [-s {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}]
                    [-w WARNING] [-c CRITICAL] [-v] [-P [PERIOD]] [-D DELTA]
                    [-l LAG] [-C [CREDENTIALS_FILE]]

Plugin for monitoring CloudWatch-enabled AWS instances

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r {ap-southeast-2,us-east-1,ca-central-1,us-gov-west-1,eu-west-1,eu-west-2,us-west-2,eu-central-1,cn-north-1,us-west-1,ap-northeast-1,ap-southeast-1,sa-east-1,us-east-2,ap-northeast-2,ap-south-1}, --region {ap-southeast-2,us-east-1,ca-central-1,us-gov-west-1,eu-west-1,eu-west-2,us-west-2,eu-central-1,cn-north-1,us-west-1,ap-northeast-1,ap-southeast-1,sa-east-1,us-east-2,ap-northeast-2,ap-south-1}
			 AWS region name
  -u UNIT, --unit UNIT  Metric Unit
  -m METRIC, --metric METRIC
			 CloudWatch metric name
  -n NAMESPACE, --namespace NAMESPACE
			 CloudWatch metric namespace
  -d [DIMENSIONS], --dimensions [DIMENSIONS]
		 	 Dimensions of one or more metrics:
  -p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE
			 Profile name from ~/.aws/credentials (default:
  -s {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}, --statistic {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}
			 Statistic for evaluating metrics (default: Average)
  -w WARNING, --warning WARNING
			 Warning if threshold is outside range (default: 0)
  -c CRITICAL, --critical CRITICAL
			 Critical if threshold is outside range (default: 0)
  -v, --verbosity       Set verbosity (use up to 3 times)
  -P [PERIOD], --period [PERIOD]
			 Period in seconds over which the statistic is applied
			 (default: 60)
  -D DELTA, --delta DELTA
			 Delta measurement in seconds
  -l LAG, --lag LAG     Delay in seconds to add to starting time for gathering
			 metric.useful for ec2 basic monitoring which
			 aggregates over 5min periods (default: 0)
			 File containing AWS credentials

Credentials and authentication

You can pass the credentials file path using the --credentials option. This options defaults to ~/.aws/credentials. For example:

$ python -m nagios_aws --credentials /path/to/credentials ...

For guidance in setting up the credentials file for AWS, see the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

Usage examples

AWS / VPN tunnel

Example command to check the AWS / VPN tunnel availability:

$ python -m nagios_aws --metric TunnelState --namespace AWS/VPN -r eu-west-1 -w @0 -c @0 -d TunnelIpAddress=

Free storage space

Example command to check the free storage space in AWS RDS:

$ python -m nagios_aws --metric FreeStorageSpace --namespace AWS/RDS -r eu-west-1 -w @5000000000 -c @3000000000

Credit usage

Example command to check the EC2 instance credit usage:

$ python -m nagios_aws --metric CPUCreditUsage --namespace AWS/EC2 -r eu-west-1 -w 2 -c 3 --period 18000 -d InstanceId=i-0d7c12ec7asdf229

CPU utilisation

Example command to check the EC2 instance CPU utilisation:

$ python -m nagios_aws --metric CPUUtilization --namespace AWS/EC2 -r eu-west-1 -w 50 -c 70 -d InstanceId=i-0d7c44ec7eaad229 --period 1800