System requirements

Deployment recommendations

If you plan to use extensive logging, the preferred architecture is to split the setup over two separate servers due to I/O, processor, and memory requirements.

Note: Server numbers are based on one host running ten service checks, with a default check_interval of 5 minutes.

OP5 Monitor Server environment

Processor Hard drive RAM
Entry — up to 300 hosts 4 cores — 1 x Xeon Bronze 1 x 100 GB Flash 8 GB
Standard — up to 2000 hosts 8 cores — 1 x Xeon Silver 1 x 200 GB Flash 16 GB

Large — up to 10000 hosts

16 cores — 2 x Xeon Silver 1 x 300 GB Flash 24 GB

Note: Over 2000 hosts, we recommend involving ITRS at the topology design stage.

SMS gateway recommendations

We recommend the following SMS gateways:

  • Telic HT910 G — serial
  • Telic LT910 E — serial
  • AMIT IDG500 — serial and Ethernet
  • Moxa NPort 5110 or 5100 — serial to Ethernet converter, separate serial SMS gateway needed

Note: OP5 Monitor uses SMS Server Tools 3 for SMS communication. Refer to the SMS Server Tools 3 documentation and the vendor documentation for your SMS Gateway for hardware support.

Supported browsers

For up-to-date information on supported browsers, see Browser support.

Supported operating systems

For up-to-date information on supported operating systems, see Operating system support.