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Dynamic Entities Health


The Dynamic Entities Health plug-in monitors the performance of Collection Agent and Netprobe communication. It tracks the state of all metric received by a probe from the Collection Agent, and all Dynamic Entities associated with a probe.


The plug-in produces two dataviews. These provide you with an overview of the sampling process.


The entities section shows the status of all Dynamic Entities created by the Netprobe.

Table legend

Name Description
component Name of a proposed entity.

The ACCEPTED or REJECTED state of a component.

If the Gateway cannot acquire a licence token for a component it is rejected and the state is shown as UNLICENSED.

numSamplers Total number of samplers provided by a component.
numSamplersRejected Number of samplers provided by a component that have been rejected.
numStreams Number of streams provided by a component.
numStreamsUnmonitored Number of streams provided by a component but not monitored.

Invalid Metrics

The invalid metrics section shows all metrics that are not included in an entity.

Headline legend

Name Description
numberDetected The total number of invalid metrics.

Table legend

Name Description
key Key used to identify the metric. The key is the unique combination of the metric name and the metric's dimensions.
name Name of the metric.

The reason the Gateway has not included the metric. These include:

  • No Mapping — no mapping exists for this metric.
  • Bad Mapping — this metric is used by a mapping that would cause an error. For example, a mapping that may create an entity with a empty name or a name that contains illegal characters.
  • Entity Rejected — this metric is associated with a rejected entity.
  • Sampler Rejected — this metric is associated with a rejected sampler.
  • Cell clash — this metric is associated with a cell that is already in use.
  • Dimension clash — this metric cannot be mapped to the row the mapping specifies because the dimensions of the datapoint do not match the dimensions of the other datapoints mapped to that row.
  • Entity Unlicensed — this metric is associated with an entity that is not licensed.