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ZookeeperMonitoring Technical Reference


Zookeeper monitoring is a Gateway configuration file that enables monitoring of the Zookeeper Replicas through a set of samplers with customised JMX plug-in settings.

Zookeeperis a distributed process that allows deployment configurations and can be used as a container manager. It has a built-in load balancing capability that can manage multiple services in different machines simultaneously.

Track the following key areas when using Zookeeper monitoring:

Key Area Description
Replica configuration Refers to the configuration settings the users can set.
Replica statistics Replica metrics that provide information about the overall health of the Zookeeper Ensemble.

Intended audience

This technical reference is intended for users who will be using Active Console to monitor data from Zookeeper. If you are setting up the integration for the first time, see Zookeeper Monitoring User Guide.

Metrics and dataviews

Zookeeper replicaCfg

Column Name Description
state Status of the ReplicaCfg on the running server that can be either a "leader" or "follower".
minSessionTimeOut Minimum amount of time sessions with Zookeeper servers.
maxSessionTimeOut Maximum amount of time sessions with Zookeeper servers
tickTime Time unit that Zookeeper is using.
Unit: milliseconds (ms)
initLimit Amount of time in ticks.
syncLimit Number of process allowed to sync with Zookeeper.
maxClientCnxnsPerHost Maximum number of connections allowed per host that the client is using, as identified by IP address.
quorumAddress Address of Zookeeper Replica.
electionType Type of election that the Zookeeper server is using.
name Name of Zookeeper Replica.
startTime Time when the Zookeeper Replica was started.
Options: Day-Month-Date-HH:MM-TimeZone-YR

Zookeeper replicaStats

Column Name Description
electionTimeTaken Time taken to complete election.
outstandingRequests Number of pending requests in the server.
numAliveConnections Number of active connections in the server.
avgRequestLatency Average time it takes for the server to respond to a request.
maxRequestLatency Maximum time it takes for the server to respond to a request.
minRequestLatency Minimum time it takes for the server to respond to a request.
packetsReceived Number of packet operations received.
packetsSent Number of packet operations sent.
watchCount Number of watchers on Zookeeper nodes.
nodeCount Number of znodes in the Zookeepeer data.