GL Orderbook Plug-in


The Geneos GL Orderbook plug-in is most effectively used as a manual trigger to produce a snap-shot of the orders on an exchange order book on the GL servers.

The published view provides the means to compare perceived orders (as seen in the GL Win) against the actual or partially executed orders in waiting.




Headline Legend

Name Description
totalOrders Total number of orders found.
timeLastTestStart Time that the last test was started.
timeLastTestCompleted This field shows the time the test was completed

Table Legend

Name Description
<configurable> The details of the order. The columns can be configured in the plug-in setup.

Plug-in Configuration

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


Allows the columns to be overridden.

Mandatory: No
Aliases: userId,stockCode,orderStatus,quantity,price,qtyRem
Fields: noUti,mnemo,orderStatus,quantity,price,remainQty

columns > column

Defines an individual column

columns > column > alias

The name of the column as seen in the view

Mandatory: Yes

columns > column > name

The field in the file used to populate the column

Mandatory: Yes


The command to run to collect the order information.

Mandatory: No
Default: /bin/csh ./dumpgl.command


How much time the script is allowed to run for

Mandatory: No
Units: Seconds
Default: 1800


If the command times out it will delay for this many seconds before retrying again

Mandatory: No
Units Seconds
Default: 30


Forces collection of data on startup

Mandatory: No
Default: false


Used to ignore quantity's that are < 1

Mandatory: No
Default: remainQty


Used to ignore cancelled orders

Mandatory: No
Default: " Can "


Name of the ini file to use with lirebase

Mandatory: No
Default: ./gl_lirebase.ini