MISS-X Plug-in - Technical Reference


GENEOS MISS-X Plug-in monitors the Market services and users connected to the MISS system.


The MISS-X Plug-in produces two views, USERS and SERVICES.


Shows user connections to the MISS system


USERS Headline Legend

Name Description
totalConnections Current number of connections.

USERS Table Legend

Name Description
Workstation Name of the workstation that made the connection.
Connected Set to YES if currently connected, NO if disconnected.
connectionTime Time of the last connection.
disconnectionTime Time of the last disconnection



SERVICES Headline Legend

Name Description
totalServices The total number of the MISS services that are being monitored
totalServicesDown The number of MISS services in DOWN state - i.e. service is not available

SERVICES Table Legend

Name Description
Service The name of the Service or Market
Status Service status - Up or Down
timeAvailable The time when the service last became available
timeUnavailable The time when the service last became unavailable.

Plug-in Configuration

[The introduction to the plug-in configuration, including any simple examples - as needed ]

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


Full path to the MISS log file

Normally called elb.local.log

Mandatory: Yes


Full path of the MISS ini file

Normally called configmbr.ini

Mandatory: No
Default: configmbr.ini


Time period, after which disconnected users are removed from the USERS view.

Units: Seconds
Mandatory: No
Default: 3600