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Remote Management Service (RMS)


Remote Management Service (RMS) enable you to manage Netprobes remotely with the following functions:

  • Put files from the Gateway to the Netprobe (/RMS:putFile).
  • Get files from the Netprobe to the Gateway (/RMS:getFile).
  • Execute commands on the Netprobe and optionally collect the output to the Gateway (/RMS:exec and /RMS:launch).
  • Restart or shut down the Netprobe remotely (/RMS:restart and /RMS:shutdown).

RMS functions are integrated with the Gateway commands, and can be grouped into tasks and used in scheduled commands. For more information, see Gateway Commands.

The following examples show how RMS can be used:

  • Upgrade Netprobe version on remote nodes.
  • Transfer files to Netprobes which can help set up monitoring. For example, a Toolkit plug-in might require additional scripts or binaries.
  • Run commands to collect remote node configuration parameters.


Permissions must be set on the Netprobe to enable RMS commands to be executed on it. For more information, see PERMISSIONS in Netprobe variables.