Data Sets (Time series)


Data sets represent a placeholder for different kinds of data collected by the Gateway. Time series is the only type available.

Time Series data sets can then be used as part of Adaptive Rules and Breach predictor functionality.

Create a Time Series

To create a Time Series:

  1. Select Data sets from the navigation tree in the GSE.
  2. Click New Time series.
  3. Provide all required information. See Configuration reference for more information about available options.
  4. Validate and click Save current document to save the changes.

Database driven Time Series

The time series can be set up by a process external to the Gateway and stored in two tables in the database used for database logging. The tables are:

Table name Description

Stores a set of names and unique IDs. The names are used to map the names of the time series defined in the Gateway setup to the IDs used in the time_series_data_user_table.

There are two values per row:

  • name — corresponds to the data set name defined in the Gateway and is unique.
  • time_series_id — a unique ID used in the time_series_data_user_table.

Stores the time series data.

There are three values per row:

  • time_series_id — ID used to link the data back to the name in the time_series_data_user_table.
  • start_time — start time for the value of a point in the time series data. Time in seconds since the start of the day.
  • value — value of the time series at start_time.

The schema for these tables is available in the Gateway resources directory provided as part of the Gateway bundle. The data is read from the database at Gateway start time and at the reload time defined in the setup.

It is up to an external process to maintain and update the time series tables. This can be controlled using the Gateway scheduled command.

To use this method, select databaseDriven as Type when setting up time series. For more information, see Configuration reference


Before you can configure the database driven time series, you need to configure the database tables:

  1. Configure database logging. For more information, see MySQL configuration in Gateway Database Logging.
  2. Ensure that the tables defined in <gateway directory>/resources/database/<database type>/time-series-schema-1.0.sql exist.
  3. Insert data into those tables.

Configuration reference

Setting Description Mandatory
Time series

Time series model a day's worth of data uploaded from the database.



Specifies a name that you want to identify each time series with. If your time series are database driven, the name must correspond to one of the database tables you have configured.



Specifies additional information about the time series. You can enter multi-line comments in the description field.



Specifies how the external data access is managed.

External > Reload time

Specifies the time of the day that data should be uploaded from the database every day.

No (default value is the current time during time series creation).