The end of life (EOL) date for this module is on 31 January, 2020.

Run the API examples

Step 1: Download and extract the client jar

To begin, download the Open Access Client zip file from our Downloads Page. Extract the downloaded file into a directory of your choice.

Step 2: Compile the DataSet example

Note: The default example connects to the cluster on localhost:2551. If you are not running the node on the same box, you will need to change the connection URL in examples/

In the directory to which you extracted the client, compile

> javac -cp geneos-openaccess-client.jar examples/

Step 3: Run the DataSet example

In the directory in which you compiled the example:

On *nix:

> java -cp "geneos-openaccess-client.jar:logging:logging/*:." examples.DataSetExample

On Windows:

> java -cp "geneos-openaccess-client.jar;logging;logging/*;." examples.DataSetExample

The client uses a logging framework, see /client/logging.

If the code connects and executes successfully, you should see entities for the gateway(s) that you configured in your cluster node:

Change ADD
13 Items
	attribute.COUNTRY : UK
	attribute.CITY : LONDON
	name : Processes Entity
	path : /geneos/gateway[(@name="MyGateway")]/directory/probe[(@name="MyProbe")]/managedEntity[(@name="Processes Entity")]
	severity : CRITICAL
	type : ENTITY
	name : Toolkit Entity
	path : /geneos/gateway[(@name="MyGateway")]/directory/probe[(@name="MyProbe")]/managedEntity[(@name="Toolkit Entity")]
	severity : UNDEFINED
	type : ENTITY
	attribute.Section : Demo
	name : Basic Entity
	path : /geneos/gateway[(@name="iDemo")]/directory/probe[(@name="Basic Probe")]/managedEntity[(@name="Basic Entity")]
	severity : OK
	type : ENTITY