WTS Licenses Plug-in - Technical Reference


The WTS Licenses plug-in provides a view of the current licenses issued by a Terminal Services Licensing Server. Multiple servers can be monitored by using multiple instances of this plug-in - one instance per view required. These views can then be shown inside a single Managed Entity or across multiple Managed Entities as required.

Views (for a single view)



Table Legend

Name Description
licenseID The license identifier as reported by the Licensing Server.
keypackID The keypack that the license comes from.
client The name of the client the license is issued to.
user The name of the user the license is issued to.
start The date the license is valid from.
issueType The issue type of the license.
licenseType The type of the license.
end The date the license is valid to.

Plug-In Configuration

The Netprobe that contains this plug-in is called netprobent+wrs. It must run on a Windows machine running the Windows Terminal Services service.

This plug-in must be run on a Windows machine that has the Microsoft Licensing Reporter Tool (lsreport.exe) installed and functioning.

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


Name of the license reporting tool. This tool is used by the plug-in to obtain the list of licenses from the licensing server.

Mandatory: No
Default: lsreport.exe


Name of the file to be created by the lsreportTool

Mandatory: No
Default: lsreport.txt


This section contains configuration for the server.

Mandatory: No

servers > server

The licensing server to query for license information.

Mandatory: No
Default: localhost