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Installation machine requirements


Before installing Gateway Hub on a server, you must have an installation machine set up to perform the installation. This machine can act as a node but is not required to. The installation machine has additional software requirements.

During the installation, this machine copies the Gateway Hub binaries from itself to the servers that constitute your Gateway Hub cluster.

Operating Systems

Your installation machine must be one of the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • macOS X
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux

Software requirements

Your installation machine must have:

Requirement Versions Supported
Python 3.6 or newer
PyYAML 5.3.1 or newer
Ansible 2.8.0 or newer
GNU Tar  

A list of requirements for performing installation can be found in hubctl/requirements.txt and installed by running pip3 install --user --requirement requirements.txt.

Additional download and installation instructions for Ansible can be found here.

Note: Python packages should be installed using their Python 3 version.

Ansible compatibility

Certain versions of Ansible require additional configuration to operate correctly.


The salt configuration managment tool is sometimes used with PyYAML. This may cause the the C-extension of PyYAML to be used by Ansible resulting in an error.

If you are using Ansible version 2.9, then the salt package is not supported. If it exists, you must remove this package from the installation machine.


Gateway Hub uses Mitogen as a connection layer to improve Ansible performance.

If you are using Ansible version 2.10, then Mitogen is not supported. You must disable Mitogen when running the installer.

To disable Mitogen, add the following to the installation section of your configuration file:

  # other subsections not listed

    # Turn the Mitogen strategy on or off.
    # Mitogen greatly improves Ansible's performance by replacing its default connection layer.
    # See for details.
    # The strategy is on by default but can be turned off in case of an incompatibility with the version of Ansible
    # being used.
    # Required: False
    # Default: true
    use_mitogen_strategy: false