description Introduction to Capacity Planner
  description Security Policies

Data Collection

  description Install and set up Data Collector
  descriptionData Collector Quickstart Guide
  description Collection tasks
  descriptionSet up IAM role based Data Collector access
  descriptionCreate an AWS user for Data Collection
  descriptionAzure Data Collection
  description Troubleshooting Data Collector


  description Project setup
  description Single Sign-On

Get started

  description Quickstart Guide
  settings_applications Application Interface
  settings_applications Basic Concepts
  settings_applications Sunburst Colours
  settings_applications Configuration Panels
  description Interact with the Sunburst
  description Interact with the Timeburst
  description Metric Views

Baseline View

  description Baseline View Overview
  description Create a Baseline View
  description Metrics Explorer
  description Statistical Summaries in the Baseline View
  description Box Plot Charts
  description Reference Workload
  description Storage
  description Capacity Events
  description Risk Scores
  description Recommend
  description Clusters
  description Infrastructure and Service Reports

Forward Thinking

  description Forward Thinking Overview
  description Scenarios
  description Operations
  description Timeline
  description Right-sizing
  description Overcommitment
  description Scenario Reports


  description Using Advanced Reports
  settings_applications Report Parameters
  description Available Reports

Use cases

  description About Use Cases
  description Use Case Scenarios


  descriptionAPI Documentation

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