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This page contains the list of all highlights that have recently been introduced in Geneos and Gateway Hub.

For detailed release notes for all versions of Geneos and Gateway Hub, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes and Gateway Hub 2.x Release Notes.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Geneos, please read Geneos Upgrade Notes for compatibility changes you should be aware of before upgrading.

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes

Monitoring Coverage

The Monitoring Coverage page allows you to determine if you are monitoring everything correctly. It works by comparing each monitored entity with a number of custom policies and then flagging any breaches in an easy-to-use UI.

The Monitoring Coverage page also provides an interactive report for determining the coverage of your policies which provides an additional layer of assurance that all monitored hosts are configured correctly.

Capacity Planner integration

Integration with ITRS Capacity Planner is now provided via a new app, allowing capacity data to be sent to Capacity Planner with minimal configuration required. The Capacity Planner app supersedes the Capacity Planner plugin which allows you to publish data from Gateway Hub to a Capacity Planner instance.

Web Console Dashboards

The Web Console now includes Dashboard functionality for easy visualisation of metrics and their related events. This release includes line charts, bar charts, KPIs, and table visualisations.

Geneos for monitoring dynamic environments

Monitoring dynamic and orchestrated environments require Geneos to be more dynamic. From on-demand and elastic server availability in cloud to containers or microservices, and orchestrators, such as Kubernetes and OpenShift, Geneos provides the tools you need to monitor containers, microservices, serverless applications, and other virtual environments.

This release introduces a number of new features to make configurations easier and automate monitoring, and this greatly reduce the configuration burden and automate monitoring by dynamically creating and organising Geneos data structures like entities and attributes.

Netprobe to Elasticsearch

File Keyword Monitor (FKM) plug-in collects vast amount of log data, generating metrics for monitoring key events, and discarding the row log data. With a simple configuration, you can now stream log data you are already collecting into Elasticsearch.

The data sent to Elasticsearch is enriched with Geneos context so that you can search by managed entity, severity, and any matching, or ignored key words. Integrated workflow lets you go from a dataview in Geneos to log search across all your hosts with few simple clicks.

Centralised Configuration API

Centralised configuration feature allows you to centrally manage Geneos configurations, removing the need to create and manage externally hosted configuration files.

This release supports the ability to centrally manage your Gateway configuration through REST API. The future enhancements to this feature will centralise the Netprobe and Active Console configurations.

With increasingly complex and dynamic environments, it is necessary to manage Gateway configurations automatically and programmatically.

Gateway Hub REST API for Gateway lets you create, edit, delete, validate, and lock Gateway configurations.

MiniGeneos — Geneos in a container

MiniGeneos is a tool that makes it easier to run full stack of Geneos capabilities in your laptop or desktop. MiniGeneos runs the core Geneoscomponents including a mini version of Gateway Hub with in-memory storage for users looking to try Geneos, or to develop with it day-to-day in order to build, run, and verify monitoring alongside applications.

New Web Console monitoring UI

The Web Console monitoring UI brings a brand new look for real-time monitoring, to supplement Active Console. The status of entities and their related metrics are all available in the Web Console.

This includes the ability to see the historical data for additional context, and incident investigation when metric and event history is enabled in the Gateway Hub.

Web Console also allows you to visualise the entities across your monitored estate with grouping and filtering capabilities to customise your view.

Grafana data source

Grafana is an open-source analytics and monitoring tool. Geneos data source for Grafana lets you seamlessly integrate data from Gateway Hub into your Grafana dashboards.