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ITRS Opsview Cloud Release Notes


Opsview Cloud release notes contain the list of enhancements of features, and a set of issues fixed in the 6.x release version of Opsview Cloud. Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into the latest release.

For details on administration and usage, you may refer to ITRS Opsview Cloud Documentation.

For older release notes of Opsview Cloud, you can still access them at Opsview Knowledge Center.

Known issues

To view the list of known issues for ITRS Opsview releases, see Opsview Known Issues.

Opsview Cloud 6.8.0

Released: 25 January 2023

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description

The database tables now use the same character set consistently.

OP-51975 VMware and HyperV virtual appliances no longer ship with the default SNMP community string configured.
OP-52382 All Opsview MySQL databases, such as opsview, runtime, ODW, and dashboards can now accept complete UTF-8 characters.
OP-55866 Initial UTF-8 support includes using scandic characters.
OP-55888 Starting with the Opsview 6.8.0 release, you can find the documentation, including the ITRS Opsview Cloud Documentation, at ITRS Opsview Documentation.
OP-56835 The Notification method variable no longer fails when it accepts more than 128 characters.
OP-56943 Removed duplicate validation messages in the NetFlow source IP field.
OP-56987 Fixed a UI issue with the Host Group modal.

Opsview Cloud 6.7.7

Released: 25 January 2023

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description
OP-42063 The version of Golang used to build Opsview and associated plugins has been upgraded to 1.19.3 to improve security.
OP-48227 You can now search host templates through the edit host configuration modal, making it easier to find host templates.
OP-51330 All deprecated Opspacks are no longer shipped within the product.
OP-53181 Fixed the web error popup when creating a notification profile without BSM permissions.
OP-53459 Improved opsview-web-ui-ng to properly use the concept of reusable components, making it easier to navigate and use.
OP-54624 You can now use the Capacity Planner host templates to monitor physical servers using both the old Windows and Linux agents, or the new infrastructure agent.

Improvements to Dashboards and Host Interfaces Dashlet now allow you to:

  • Display information about host interfaces to see the status and throughput of interfaces across all hosts.

  • Filter by hashtags and multiple host groups for the Top Service Issues, Top Services by Metric, and All Host Services dashlets.

  • Use a wildcard (%), for match host, service, or metric name in the Metric Pie Chart and Top Services by Metric dashlets.

  • Configure the balloon text for the Performance Graph dashlet.

  • Export a graph and include the legend and the min, average, and max values.

OP-55412 Improved response time of the opsview_flow command.
OP-55687 Callhome now uses HTTPS connections.
OP-56409 Improved mapping for the Capacity Planner app.
OP-56468 Fixed an issue when check_radius_ih returns immediately when executed without arguments from the agent.

Opsview Cloud 6.7.6

Released: 2 November 2022

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description
OP-24136 You can now configure the monitoring pages with a particular refresh interval and save the changes.
OP-43034 Fixed an issue where NetAudit failed to process messages due to an error found in the configuration file.
OP-44544 You can now use AWS roles in the check_aws_cloudwatch plugin.
OP-45903 The validation field warning messages now display the correct messages when the name value of a variable exceeds 63 characters.
OP-46746 Upgraded Jasper to version 8.1.0 and Tomcat to version 9.0.65.
OP-47063 For a specific user, you can now remove host group access to ensure that modifications are applied appropriately after a reload.
OP-48227 You can now search and filter host templates that are available using the Host Templates search field.
OP-50991 You can now view the Network Topology map correctly when the VIEWALL permission has been set.
OP-51966 Corrected tooltip description on the Monitoring Collectors page.
OP-53513 Using vCenter credentials, the ESXi servers (host and guest) can now be monitored without requiring additional credentials.
OP-53812 A new NTVIEWALL permission has been created to prevent viewing any hosts that are not imported within the Network Topology map.
OP-54084 An error when querying recent versions of Elasticsearch has been resolved.
OP-54241 Improved NetFlow Dashlet to provide better visualisation of NetFlow traffic.
OP-55020 Fixed the NetFlow security vulnerability issue that prevented the API command injection (CVSS v2 8.5).
OP-55108 The host icon management now works correctly.
OP-55118 Corrected a typographical error in the Status Access > Network Topology.
OP-55412 Improved performance response of the opsview_flow command.

A TTL (time to live) has been added to any flow requests made through the REST API, so messages will be automatically removed if a flow-collector does not pick up the request within 30 seconds. This avoids a build up of messages if the component is temporarily stopped.

OP-55450 The opsview-flow-collector component has been made more resilient to any messagequeue failures, so it now reconnects automatically.
OP-55548 Specific collectors have been set for flow-collector to load balance the sources manually.

Opsview Cloud 6.7.5

Released: 6 September 2022

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description

ProCheckUp: Privileged administrative functions no longer require password.

When setting up Opsview Cloud system, the NOPASSWD flag has been removed from the users sudo configuration. This ensures users performing administrative functionality are asked to explicitly re-enter a strong password.


Notifications are now triggered not only when an object changes state but also when some configuration changes are applied that would have triggered a notification when the current state happened. This enables Opsview to notify new teams or individuals about existing problems in the system.


ProCheckUp - Opsview Software Version Disclosure (CVSS: 1.8).

ProCheckUp performed a round of web app pen testing.


When deploying Opsview, the deployment process completes correctly and no warnings are shown when running setup-everything/opsview.

OP-53939 Fixed an issue that generates an error Method not allowed in the Notification Profiles when clicking Objects Selected.
OP-53956 Fixed an issue in SSO/OAuth2 login that led to the Content Security Policy (CSP) error.
OP-53997 Fixed an issue that caused the Access Denied page to refresh every second.

Fixed an issue that prevented state updates by causing passives to become trapped in the results forwarder cache queue.

OP-54261 Fixed an issue in the sync monitoring script that caused the plugin permission to be broken.
OP-54496 Idle session timer now works correctly before logging out.
OP-54562 Jasper server deployment now installs correctly when using Opsview managed database and external database using TLS.

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