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Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancements of features, and a set of issues fixed in the current release.

This page contains release notes for all Geneos 5.x releases.

To view the highlights of this release, see What's New in Geneos.

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Geneos 5.0.0

Released: 12 December, 2019

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page.


  • Support for Geneos 3.x ceases on 30th April 2020. We strongly advise you to upgrade to version 4.x or newer as soon as possible.
  • From the release of Geneos 5.0, there will be no interoperability with other Geneos components older than version 3.6. In order to successfully deploy or upgrade to Geneos 5.x in a staged manner, you must first ensure that no other connecting Geneos components are older than version 3.6. This change is a result of the removal of LZO compression support in the inter-component EMF2 communication protocol.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact ITRS Support.


The main features of this release are listed below. For all the latest highlights, see What's New in Geneos

  • Netprobe to Elasticsearch — a new Publisher plug-in to stream FKM log data you are collecting into Elasticsearch.
  • Centralised configuration — centrally manage your Gateway configuration using REST API.
  • The Web Console monitoring UI brings a brand new look for real-time monitoring.
  • Active Console introduces a new light theme interface.
  • Geneos data source for Grafana (Technology Preview) lets you seamlessly integrate data from Gateway Hub into your Grafana dashboards.
  • Events such as severity, snooze and user assignment data can now be queried using Gateway Hub REST API.
  • Gateway Hub check script to help validate your environment before installing Gateway Hub.
  • Other improvements:
    • Gateway now uses the time zones files store in /usr/share/zoneinfo of the base machine to translate times between time zones.
    • Gateway now uses standard date and time format for log files generated by Geneos components.
    • Support for POST and PUT requests in the REST Extractor plug-in.
    • Enhanced memory monitoring metrics for the Hardware plug-in.
    • Support for Windows 2019.
    • Postgresql support for the Gateway Database Logging.
    • Support for MySQL 8, Oracle Database 19c and MS SQL Server 2017.

New features and enhancements

These are the new features and enhancements in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
AA-3823 Gateway

Gateway Database Logging now supports the InnoDB engine for MySQL and MariaDB. InnoDB provides support for row-level locking, transactions, foreign keys and relationship constraints.

The Gateway Database Logging schema for MySQL no longer explicitly specifies the MyISAM database engine. The default engine (usually InnoDB) will now be used when a new database is created. However, no automated conversion script is supplied, since any upgrade to the InnoDB engine should be carefully planned according to the characteristics of the specific installation.

AA-4169 .Gateway Database logging now supports PostgreSQL.
AA-4226 Gateway, Netprobe Loading of MySQL database client libraries no longer requires If it does not exist, MySQL loads the
AA-4953 Gateway,Netprobe, Gateway Timezones

Gateway now uses the system timezone files /usr/share/zoneinfo/* to convert times between timezones, instead of relying on a list of timezones distributed with the Gateway.

The system timezone files are also used to supply timezone abbreviations when the %Z format is used in the printTime rule function to format time values.

The timezone file is still used to supply a default set of timezone abbreviations to support the %Z format when parsing time values.


Gateway, Netprobe, EUEM Netprobe, Webslinger, Licence Daemon ATS, FIX Analyser 2, File Agent

Gateway, Netprobe, FIX Analyser 2 Netprobe, File Agent, Webslinger, LICD, and Auditor now support a choice of date and time formats for their log files.
AA-5343 Gateway When requesting a change, the Gateway now passes the source of a change up to centralised configuration.
AA-5367 Gateway

Gateway Database Logging feature now supports the following database:

  • MySQL 8.0
  • Oracle 18c and 19c
  • MSSQL Server 2017
  • PostgreSQL 10 and 11
  • MariaDB 10.2 and 10.3
AA-5374 Gateway When a database logging transaction fails, it is now correctly rolled back.
AA-5396 Gateway Timezones

The timezone file is now updated based on IANA 2019c release:

  • Fiji observes DST from 2019-11-10 to 2020-01-12.
  • Norfolk Island starts observing Australian-style DST. The first transition is on 2019-10-06.
AA-5402 Gateway Gateway now supports percentile and T-Digest percentile aggregations from Gateway Hub.
AA-5404 Gateway Tooltips in ShowRules response now shows the value of any time series used in the rule at the time the rule was run.
AA-5423 Gateway Gateway can now obtain its setup from the centralised configuration in Gateway Hub by specifying the Gateway name.
AA-5434 Gateway Gateway now only works with centralised configuration in Gateway Hub versions 1.6 and above.
AA-5441 Gateway When using centralised configuration, Gateways with version 5.x will require a GSE with version 5.x to edit the setup.
AA-5442 Gateway Gateway 5.0 requires Gateway Hub1.6+ for centralised configuration. Lower Gateway Hub versions will be rejected.
AA-5447 Gateway When a Gateway starts and requests the setup from Gateway Hub, but the named Gateway has not been added, then the Gateway adds a blank Gateway with the correct name to Gateway Hub and then starts.
AA-5448 Gateway A new helper script is available in the Gateway package which enables you to upload Gateway binaries into Gateway Hub.
AA-5466 Gateway The banner setting in managedEntities is deprecated.
AA-5472 Gateway Gateway no longer publishes to the legacy geneos-raw and geneos-enriched topics. This means that Gateway no longer supports publishing to Gateway Hub versions earlier than 1.4.
AA-5499 Gateway The start script start_gateway2.tmpl is updated to use Bash rather than csh.
COL-6729 Netprobe Combo, Components Versions and Informix plug-ins are now deprecated.
COL-6829 Netprobe, File Agent Added Windows Server 2019 support for Netprobe and File Agent.
COL-6902 Netprobe The Exegy adapter now uses XCAPI 4.1.12
COL-6917 Netprobe The Hardware plug-in now calculates memoryUse metrics based on Linux computations.
COL-7000 Netprobe The Hardware plug-in now uses new method of obtaining memoryAvailable and memoryAvailablePct for Linux platforms.
COL-7221 Netprobe The REST Extractor plug-in now supports PUT and POST HTTP methods.
COL-7599 Netprobe The third-party libraries have been removed from the Netprobe package.
COL-7676 Netprobe

The Netprobe now supports the following database:

  • MySQL 8.0
  • Oracle 18c and 19c
  • MSSQL Server 2017
  • IBM DB2 11.5
  • PostgreSQL 10 and 11
  • MariaDB 10.2 and 10.3
COL-7742 Netprobe File Keyword Monitor now supports configurable outbound streams for publishing data using the Publisher plug-in.
COL-7745 Netprobe A new Publisher plug-in is now available on the Netprobe . The Publisher plug-in enables you to publish data from an FKM outbound stream to an index on the Elasticsearch host.
COL-7746 Netprobe The Publisher plug-in supports basic authentication. You can specify a username and password when publishing messages to an Elasticsearch server that is protected by basic authentication.
COL-7828 Netprobe The Publisher plug-in includes an Admin View where users can view metrics regarding the state of messages being read and sent to the Elasticsearch server. You can disable this view in the plug-in configuration.
COL-7873 Netprobe Jackson libraries have been updated from version 2.9.8 to 2.9.10 to address security vulnerabilities.
UTL-1099 Gateway, Netprobe The Gateway and Netprobe now use cURL 7.66.0.
UTL-1100 Active Console, GSE, Gateway, Netprobe, Web server, FIX Analyser 2, File Agent Upgraded Snappy library to version 1.1.7. This is used in the communication protocol between Geneos components.
UTL-1101 Gateway The libxml2 library is updated to version 2.9.9.
UTL-1103 Gateway The libxslt library is updated to version 1.1.33. This library is used for XML-related processing.
UTL-1104 Active Console, GSE, Gateway, Netprobe, Webslinger, Web server The Xerces-C library is updated to 3.2.2 for windows_64, darwin, linux_64, and linux_64-ppcle components.
UTL-1105 Active Console, GSE, Gateway, Netprobe, Web server, FIX Analyser 2 The OpenSSL library is updated to 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.15.
UTL-1114 Gateway, Netprobe, FIX Analyser 2 Netprobe The SQLAPI library used by Geneos components to access databases is now updated to version
VI-7310 Active Console, GSE OS specific file dialog are now used in File menu items Open and Save actions.
VI-7428 Gateway Remove local help files from GSE package as we now use Web Help.
VI-8256 Active Console, GSE You can now cancel long running save or validation operations that are waiting on responses from Gateway Hub.
VI-8296 Active Console, GSE GSE improves SSO handling in conjunction with Centralised Configuration.
VI-8364 Active Console, GSE Locks menus in the GSE are now consistent.
VI-8453 Active Console, GSE Added visualisation of Gateway Hub generated validation messages in GSE.
VI-8464 Gateway GSE improves the Centralised Configuration error messages.
VI-8472 Gateway Icons are now removed from the Search Criteria's Search For drop-down items in the Tools > Reporting.
VI-8477 Active Console, GSE Active Console and Web Dashboard now support the Postgresql database for History Charts.
VI-8478 Active Console, GSE GSE removes metadata comments from the setup files sent to the Gateway Hub.
VI-8490 Active Console, GSE

GSE updates the Error Dockable that allows you to filter errors by:

  • Tree selection
  • Connected Gateway
  • Duplicate errors
VI-8607 Active Console, GSE Check box icons are now updated with a light theme design.
VI-8635 Active Console, GSE The new onboarding screen can be accessed any time from the Active Console Help menu.
VI-8666 Active Console, GSE The Active Chart, Bar Chart, Active Gauge, and Pie Chart now have updated colour schemes.
VI-8674 Active Console, GSE The onboarding screen now loads on the Active Console startup. To disable the onboarding screen, tick the Do not show at startup check box at the bottom of the screen.
VI-8675 Active Console, GSE The Open and Save actions in the Active Console > File menu now use platform-default file choosers.
VI-8677 Active Console, GSE The Dockable Manager dialog now uses the platform-default file chooser.
VI-8707 Active Console, GSE File choosers for Time Definition > Import, Output > Save As, and Picture Widget > Add/Update now use platform defaults.





Active Console, GSE

The options in each menu in the Active Console is now rearranged:

  • Help
  • Tools
  • View
  • File
VI-8739 Active Console, GSE

The Active Console title is now consistently used within the workspace and to all other windows.

VI-8740 Active Console, GSE Gateway Setup Editor now uses the OS native file dialog.
VI-8741 Active Console, GSE In Active Console and Gateway Setup Editor, the Gateway dockable no longer have the operating system indicator in the Gateway icons.
VI-8742 Active Console, GSE Active Console and hub-sdk are now packaged with jackson 2.10.0 to address security vulnerabilities.
VI-8744 Active Console, GSE Active Console now has a new default workspace.
VI-8745 Active Console, GSE EventTickers dockable is now renamed to Event Tickers.
VI-8758 Active Console, GSE Active Console now has new Active Chart types: Area Chart, Scatter Plot, and Step Graph.
VI-8759 Active Console, GSE Tools in the Tool & Modifiers dialog now show the commonly used groups first and removes the tool groups that are not commonly used.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
AA-5300 Gateway GSE no longer hides the Remove Comment menu item when using simplified comments.
AA-5334 Gateway A warning is now shown, instead of an error, when the Gateway Hub location set in both the command line and the Gateway setup file.
AA-5426 Gateway Gateway no longer warns about lack of database connection when no database configured, but timeseries are configured to be downloaded from Gateway Hub.
AA-5490 Gateway Fixes a bug where the Gateway can become unresponsive while processing Self-announcing Netprobe connections, if multi-threaded rule evaluation is enabled.
VI-2460 Active Console, GSE, Web server Web server no longer displays an error on startup saying the image resource managedentityviewdefault.png could not be loaded.
VI-3094 Gateway Fixes an error reported when the user tries to open GSE for a Gateway without a license.
VI-7923 Active Console,GSE Active Console no longer freezes when the current workspace residing in a URL is unreachable.
VI-8202 Gateway Fixes a bug where the GSE attempts to use a token but it did not have when editing Centralised Configuration Gateways without configuring an SSO server.
VI-8279 Web server Run scripts now include the DASHBOARDS_DIR parameter.
VI-8365 Active Console, GSE Fixes a bug where the GSE throws an exception if a Centralise Gateway was opened in GSE without GSE acquiring an SSO token.
VI-8445 Web server The geneos-bcrypt-hasher.jar inside Geneos Web Server is now renamed to geneos-bcrypt-hasher-1.0.ja.
VI-8687 Active Console, GSE The ActiveConsole.exe and GatewaySetupEditor.exe no longer indicate an incorrect version number in the file properties.
VI-8814 Gateway The GSE re-enables the Save current document button if the saving process is cancelled.
VI-8815 Gateway The Includes folder now unlocks when you unload it.
VI-8816 Gateway The Includes folder now unlocks when the GSE unloads it due to a reload of either the main setup or the schema.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description

SSO-enabled Web Dashboard and Webslinger do not currently work with SSO Agent in the Gateway Hub. It works when connecting to a standalone SSO Agent or when SSO is disabled.

This involves a fix for SSO Agent in the Gateway Hub.

Known issue since: Geneos 4.13.0

Fixed in Geneos 5.0 (December 2019)


Gateway may become unresponsive when processing Self-Announcing Netprobe connections if multi-threaded rule evaluation (operatingEnvironment > numRuleEvaluationThreads is more than 0) is enabled.

A temporary workaround is to turn off multi-threaded rule evaluation in the XML before starting the Gateway.

Known issue since: GA4.11.1

Fixed in Geneos 4.13.2 and Geneos 5.0 (December 2019)


E4JMS — Non-durables plug-in is not displaying data starting Tibco EMS version 8.0 and newer.

Known issue since: Tibco EMS version 8.0 +

Planned fix version: Geneos 5.2 (Q2 2020)


Web Dashboard is not compatible with SSO Agent in the Gateway Hub. Please use the standalone SSO Agent available to download from the ITRS Downloads website.

Planned fix version: Geneos 5.1 (Q1 2020)


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