OP5 Monitor 9.x Known Issues


OP5 Monitor known issues contain a list of bugs and issues that may affect the performance of your applications and components.

ITRS works on isolating and fixing every product issue that we are aware of. We categorise a bug or an issue as a known issue if it meets the following criteria:

The Reported version is also provided for each known issue which indicates the OP5 Monitor version where the issue was found. However, these issues may be valid across multiple versions.

This list is always updated regularly, and issues that are resolved will be added in the OP5 Monitor release notes.

OP5 Monitor release notes

For detailed release notes for the latest version of OP5 Monitor, see 9.x Release Notes.

Open known issues

This section provides the list of known issues affecting this release, and are currently being investigated.

Issue key Affected component Reported version Known issue description
MON-13359 Ninja OP5 Monitor 9.7 Ninja webUI may occasionally display a license error even though you have a valid license. This can happen after a dnf update, where Ninja will revert to using a trial license instead of your actual license. As a workaround, you need to restart the PHP-FHM service by running the following command:
sudo systemctl restart php-fpm

Resolved known issues

This section provides the list of known issues that have been resolved. The resolved known issues are added in the 9.x Release Notes.

Issue key Affected component Reported version Known issue description Fix version
MON-13126 Backup OP5 Monitor 9.0 SNMP self-monitoring breaks after migration to OP5 Monitor 9 on systems where OP5 Monitor self-monitors multiple nodes. You can restore this functionality by manually adding snmp users on the correct OP5 Monitor nodes: net-snmp-create-v3-user -ro -A $SHA_KEY -X $AES_KEY -a SHA -x AES $USERNAME. OP5 Monitor 9.1
MON-13139 Nacoma OP5 Monitor 9.0 The Remove button for custom variable is not working. OP5 Monitor 9.1
MON-13147 Nachos OP5 Monitor 9.0 The configuration file with non-utf-8 character causes Nachos to be unable to save the configuration. OP5 Monitor 9.1
MON-12946 Plugins OP5 Monitor 8.3.7, 9.beta DCOM patch by Microsoft may potentially affect the OP5 Monitor WMI plugins. To know more about the changes required by Microsoft WMIC security hardening, see KB5004442—Manage changes for Windows DCOM Server Security Feature Bypass (CVE-2021-26414). OP5 Monitor 8.4.0
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