What's New in Infrastructure Agent

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This page contains the list of all highlights that have recently been introduced in Infrastructure Agent.

For detailed release notes for all versions of Infrastructure Agent, see Infrastructure Agent 1.x Release Notes.

For more information on configuration, installation, and usage, please refer to the ITRS Infrastructure Agent documentation.


The Opsview Agent is still supported, but we recommend that new and existing users deploying new monitoring use the ITRS Infrastructure Agent instead. The Opsview documentation version 6.8.4 or earlier remains a resource for Opsview Agent information.

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These are the highlights of this release:

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These are the highlights of this release:

For more information, see ITRS Infrastructure Agent documentation.

The ITRS Infrastructure Agent is a new way to monitor your IT infrastructure. It can be installed on servers running on either Windows or Linux systems. Additionally, it offers a number of advantages over the existing agents, including:

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