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Supported Unicode characters

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Opsview uses the UTF-8 encoding and supports a wide range Unicode characters in most string fields.

Object names will limit to characters categorized as Unicode “Letters” and “Numbers”, while descriptions and other types of data will additionally allow Unicode “Punctuation”, “Symbols” and “Separators”. Notes fields will allow some additional whitespace and formatting characters.


Every field may have individual allowed or disallowed characters or length constraints, which will be reflected in the UI and API responses. There are still select fields that limit to the “Basic Latin” Unicode block (equivalent to ASCII), for example. Additionally, most fields will not allow leading whitespace, and will trim trailing whitespace.

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Interact with Opsview Copied

To interact with Opsview correctly:

When inserting invalid data via the UI or REST API, error messages similar to the following may appear:

Known issues Copied

Please refer to Character support known issues for OS generic issues, and Character support known issues on older operating systems for OS specific issues.

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