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Message Queue

Opsview uses messages for all communication between all micro-services, this is based on RabbitMQ. The component is installed into /opt/opsview/messagequeue.

You can see what queues are set up and in use on the current server by using the following command (each Opsview Monitor server has its own message queue).

sudo -iu opsview /opt/opsview/messagequeue/sbin/rabbitmqctl list_queues

Commonly a collector is clustered with other collectors (always in an odd number, as per rabbitmqs recommendation). To view this information you may run the below.

sudo -iu opsview /opt/opsview/messagequeue/sbin/rabbitmqctl cluster_status

There is also a UI available for RabbitMQ, but you need to use an SSH tunnel to access it

ssh -L 15672:localhost:15672

You can then use http://localhost:15672 to access the UI and log in using the opsview user credentials stored within the deploy configuration on the Orchestrator.

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