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Apply my software key to Opsview Monitor Copied

To apply your Software Key to Opsview Monitor, including instructions on how to activate systems without internet access, please see Managing Your Subscription.

My software key still has not been updated Copied

On occasion, when a new Software Key is applied to an Opsview Monitor system that is still currently using an active key, the new key is not reflected in the Opsview Monitor User Interface.

If the subscription details or host count have not been updated to reflect that of your latest key, you can carry out the following to force the Opsview Monitor User Interface to reflect the latest key:

  1. Log onto the Opsview Orchestrator server.
  2. Change to the opsview user e.g. sudo su - opsview.
  3. Change to the license directory e.g. cd /opt/opsview/licensemanager/etc/licenses.
  4. Identify the latest license file installed on the system - the files should have the date of when that license was installed e.g. ls -ltr.
  5. Move all files but the latest file into a backup directory e.g. mv <file> /var/tmp/.
  6. Force the licenses to be re-read by opening the Opsview User Interface and navigating to the “Subscriptions” page e.g. Configuration > My System > Subscriptions .7. If you already have this page open, reload it.

The correct license details should now be displayed.

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