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There is process flow for authenticating to Opsview within the Introduction in the Authentication section

Logging in Copied

URL: /rest/login


The opsview_rest command will automatically take care of authentication for you without having to post credentials to the login endpoint.

If a token cannot be generated, a 503 HTTP status code will be returned, with the text, “Error creating session token after 5 attempts”.

Example curl request:

$ curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X 'application/json' -X POST -d '{"username":"admin","password":"initial"}' http://localhost/rest/login

Example response:

    "token": "7cd5652f7bfde4220211d063c166b263160a7d52"

The length of the token is 32 characters.

If you can pass the parameter, include_user_data=1, a user_data field will be returned in the response. This will contain the data from the /rest/user call.

Logging out Copied

URL: /rest/logout

Example opsview_rest request

opsview_rest --username=admin --password=initial --data-format=json --pretty POST logout

Expected response:

   "logout_via" : "REST API"

User information Copied

URL: /rest/user

This returns information about the user.

See include_user_data=1 in the login section above for fetching this information via a curl request when authenticating.

Example opsview_rest request:

$ opsview_rest --token-file /path/to/opsview_restapi_token --pretty GET user

Example response:

    "access_list": {
        "ACTIONALL": 1,
        "ADMINACCESS": 1,
        "VIEWALL": 1,
    "fullname": "Admin user",
    "language": "",
    "name": "admin",
    "realm": "local",
    "role": "Administrator"
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