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      list => [
          data => [
            [1242849600, 517],  // Time in Unix epoch seconds and value at this time
            [1242936000, 517],  // Note: The value could be null/empty string to mean "no value at this time" - this should be represented as a gap in any graphs
            [1254168000, 505],
          description => "Min: 505.000<br />Max: 517.000<br />Average: 511.305",
          label => "opsview::Opsview HTTP::size",
          uom => "bytes",

The time parameter is the number of seconds since epoch. This time is returned back in UTC format. See the include_offset_timezone parameter if you want this value adjusted based on the timezone. Note, it is not possible to return this value as a date time formatted string.

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