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You can choose hosts or services using the same URL parameters as the status API

The endpoint will return data similar to the following:

 "object": {
  "hostname": "opsview",
  "servicename": "HTTP",              // Does not exist for host detail
  "state": "UP",                      // Possible values: 
                                      //   For host: UP, DOWN, UNREACHABLE. 
                                      //   For Service: OK, WARNING, CRITICAL, UNKNOWN
  "alias": "host description",        // Host description
  "ip": "localhost",                  // IP field for the host
  "state_duration": 1880,             // number of seconds
  "output": "OK - localhost: rta 0.0.29ms lost 0%", // Text to display. Maybe long so needs to wrap. Max 16K
  "perfdata": "rta=0.0.29ms;500.000;1000.000", // Text. Maybe long so needs to wrap. Max 16K
  "current_attempt": 1,               // Number
  "max_attempts": 2,                  // Number. Always lower than current_attempt
  "state_type": 0,                    // 0=soft, 1=hard
  "last_check": 1234567890,           // epoch seconds. 0 = not been checked
  "monitored_by": "Collector",          // Name of monitoring cluster. Could be null if monitoring collector is deleted
  "check_type": 1,                    // Options: 1 = Active Plugin, 2 = Passive, 4 = SNMP Trap, 5 = SNMP Polling. Could be null to be unknown
  "latency": 0.000,
  "duration": 0.003,
  "next_check_expected": 1234567890,  // epoch seconds. If 0, not known
  "last_state_change": 1234567890,    // epoch seconds
  "acknowledged": 0,                  // 0=no, 1=yes. If host or service is acknowledged
  "is_flapping": 1,                      // 0=no, 1=yes
  "in_downtime": 0,                   // 0=no, 1=yes
  "status_update_time": 1234567890,   // epoch seconds. When the last result was received
  "active_checks": 1,                 // 0=no, 1=yes. If active checks enabled
  "active_checks_services_enabled": 9 // Number of services with active checks enabled on this host. Not present for services
  "passive_checks": 0,                // 0=no, 1=yes. If passive checks enabled
  "notifications": 1,                 // 0=no, 1=yes. If notifications enabled
  "notifications_services_enabled": 7 // Number of services with notifications enabled on this host. Not present for services
  "event_handler": 1,                 // 0=no, 1=yes. If event handler enabled
  "flap_detection": 1,                // 0=no, 1=yes. If flap detection enabled
  "can_testservicecheck": 1,          // Tells front end if this service is testable. Will not exist if not. Not present for hosts
  "num_interfaces": 3,                // Number of interfaces on this host. Not present for services
  "total_services": 9,                // Number of services on this host
  "perfdata_available": 1,            // 0=no, 1=yes. If performance data is available for this service. Not present for hosts
  "unhandled": 0,                     // 1=unhandled, 0=handled. Not present for hosts


The last_notification and notification_number is removed in 6.0 as this is no longer stored at the object level.
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