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Config - Request Format

URL: /rest/config/{object_type}

URL: /rest/config/{object_type}/{id}

URL: /rest/config/{object_type}/exists?name={name}

Updating a single object Copied

When POST or PUTting a single object, the API expects a hash input with key value pairs. If successful, the API will return back the new serialised object.

All ref attributes are ignored when updating - the ref key is for clients that may want further information about the foreign object.

Updating a list of objects Copied

When POST or PUTting a list of objects, the API expects a hash with a key of list which is an array of hash objects. Each object will then be POST or PUT in turn.

If successful, the data returned will be of the format:

       "objects_updated" : 3

There is an extra parameter that can be used:

The whole request is wrapped in a transaction. If there is a failure for any item, a rollback will occur and no changes will have been made to the system. The response will be:

       message:"Rollback. Error trying to synchronise object: 2",
       detail:"detail about the error",

Deleting a list of objects Copied


DELETE /rest/config/OBJECTTYPE?id=X&id=Y&id=Z

This expects a list of ids as parameters of the objects to delete. Will return a 400 error if no ids are specified (as it is dangerous to delete everything).

You can also use “” as the parameter name, for consistency with the GET /rest/config/OBJECTTYPE REST API.

If you have a long list of ids which could potentially hit the URL query string length, you can use the x-tunneled-method to tunnel the DELETE verb inside a POST request and set body parameters with the id values.

On success, will return HTTP status 200 with:

{ "objects_deleted": X }

On failure to delete an object, the whole transaction will be rolled back and will return HTTP status 400 with the standard error and detail response:

  "message": "Cannot delete as object still in use",
  "detail": ....
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