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Supported databases

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Opsview Monitor is compatible with MySQL and MariaDB, as listed in its Supported databases.

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Opsview Monitor installs and supports the following database vendors and versions (client and server). The specific database supported depends on the operating system of the orchestrator system or the deploy-managed remote database server.

Operating system Database
Debian 10 MariaDB 10.3
CentOS 7 MariaDB 5.5
RHEL 7 MariaDB 5.5
RHEL 8 MariaDB 10.3
RHEL 9 MariaDB 10.5
OL 7 MariaDB 5.5
OL 8 MariaDB 10.3
OL 9 MariaDB 10.5
Ubuntu 18 MySQL 5.7
Ubuntu 20 MySQL 8.0

Remote database servers Copied

For remote database servers, it must run a supported MySQL version based on the list of supported databases. Furthermore, the vendor and version of the database server must match the orchestrator. These constraints apply to both deploy-managed and unmanaged remote database servers.

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Opsview Monitor also supports Amazon RDS, but only when using a MySQL-compatible version based on the list of supported databases and matching the orchestrator.

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["Opsview On-premises"] ["User Guide", "Technical Reference", "Compatibility Matrix"]

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