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Adding a Custom Logo

Custom logos can be added to Opsview Monitor’s Reports Module, allowing you to rebrand your reports with your or your customer’s company logo.

To add a new custom logo:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Reports.
  2. click View > Repository.

Once loaded, right-click on the Images folder, located in the navigation tree on the left, and click on Add Resource > File > Image, as shown below:

Add custom logo menu

Once loaded, the screen below will be visible:

Add File options

In the above example, we have added a new logo called ‘mylogo.png’. Then, click Submit and the new logo will be uploaded and saved.

To use this new logo, simply generate a report and change the logo field to /images/mylogo.png as below:

Input Controls

After clicking OK, a report with the new logo will be generated:

Sample report with customized logo

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