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Notification Profiles

In this section we are covering the Notification Profiles that are configured on a per-User basis. The Shared Notifications that are assigned to more than one user at a time are covered in Shared Notifications Profiles.

Notification Profiles is the place where you set:

Users can add as many Notification Profiles as they desire. For example:

Checking your notification methods Copied

You first need to make sure that your personal data is up-to-date so that you can receive notifications.

  1. Go to your Username in the top-right and click on My Profile > Notifications.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to Configuration > Users and Roles > Users > Edit.

Create notification profile

  1. Go to the Notifications tab. You can set generic settings for the available Notification Methods.

Creating a Notification Profile Copied

Go to the Notification Profiles tab and click Add New. This is where you can determine:

New Personal Notification Profile

Available fields Copied

As the configuration is similar between Notification Profiles and Shared Notifications Profiles refer to Notification Profile Fields for the relevant information on these fields.

Once you have configured the profile, click Update and the new personal Notification Profile will be created:

Click Submit Changes, and then go to Configuration > Apply Changes to set the new Notification Profile to active.

Notification Profiles tab

Users Copied

The number of users currently using the notification profile. Click the number to display their usernames, if present.

Roles Copied

The Role with access to the notification profile. This will be then be available for setting up notifications for new Users with that Role.

Deleting a Notification Profile Copied

To delete click on the contextual menu for the given Notification Profile and click Delete:

Delete a notification

Confirm the deletion and then go to Configuration > Apply Changes and the profile will be removed from Opsview Monitor.

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